Welcome To The NeighBOrhood!




Rock Avenue is the main street in the neighborhood I grew up in. It was the main vessel in which people went to and from. The experiences I’ve had and people I met by way of this avenue, whether good or bad, have helped mold me into who I am today. My personality, my style, my confidence has all been developed over years of experiences. So I started this company to share with the world the fruits of my influencers. So if you’re a fan, a friend, or just a customer of mine then Maybe… just maybe… Rock Avenue has also influenced you.



It is our mission at Rock Avenue to educate the masses about the art of tying a bow tie. Most people who don’t wear bow ties aren’t deterred by the style or look of the bow tie,  but simply by their inability to tie one. Those who learn often love to wear them and sometimes convert to becoming completely exclusive to bow ties. We aspire to provide bow ties that are as unique as the consumers who buy them. No longer will the bow tie be strictly a formal accessory but an everyday staple for all looks and styles.


When I initially began incorporating bow ties into my wardrobe, I did not realize I was entering into an entirely new fashion forward community. As I continued to grow into my own style, bow ties became my center piece and I fell in love! The variety of colors, fabrics, prints and silhouettes create a timeless look for anyone. Each bow tie is as unique as the person wearing it, giving you a fresh, custom look each and every time. These pieces can be formal and clean or casual and fun – you are free to choose! I soon learned I was not alone in my passion for this fashion statement. The fellow bow tie wearers I encountered all shared a common trait: an enthusiasm for self expression. In this community, you are not only welcomed, but ENCOURAGED to stand out and be yourself! This is a place where we rid ourselves of the rules of fashion. We eliminate the uniformity of trends. This place is Rock Avenue. Welcome to the neighborhood.